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In Nepal, social media games battle gender stereotypes

UNDP's work will primarily target 500 young people between 13-19 years of age, as research shows that adolescents are still forming their attitudes at this age. UNDP Photo.

Behaviour change is easier said than done, but we’ve decided to take on the weakest link in the chain of violence that perpetuates through generations: young people and their willingness to question social norms. ... Read more

Thailand | Counting the costs of farmed chicken before they hatch

Each person in Thailand consumes an average of around 14.9 kg of chicken per year. Peter Cooper LICENSED UNDER CC 4.0

In Thailand, that the mountains of grain needed to produce chicken-feed has caused more than 5 million acres of agricultural and forest land to be cleared for maize farming. And maize farmland has exponentially expanded during the past 10 years.... Read more

Same-same but different: Can Asia’s rapidly growing cities use ‘design thinking’ for better planning and services?


The process of design thinking allows us to critically think through the steps involved in reconstructing something worthwhile that is fit-for-context, and fit-for-purpose. What we hope to accomplish at the end of this process and exercise are workable and feasible prototypes of the one-stop service centre and testing them with potential users until we get it right!... Read more

Four things you’ve always wanted to know about innovation but were too afraid to ask

Each year thousands of tonnes of electronic waste is disposed of incorrectly globally, and in China. Photo: UNDP China.

Emails went unanswered, or came back with short replies. We began to sense recalcitrance from Baidu's somewhat muted response, and we didn’t like it. Couldn’t they see the value in our innovative emergency shelter mapping initiative? Why weren’t they coming on board?... Read more

In Bhutan, 'ain’t no mountain high enough'

Eventually, videoconferencing facilities could be used to enable citizens from across Bhutan and parliamentarians to meet virtually to discuss issues of concern. Photo Courtesy of National Assembly of Bhutan

As an advocate for innovation, UNDP is leading the development of a Virtual Zomdu, (Zomdu: a meeting of residents of villages or communities), together with project partners in Bhutan. ... Read more