Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • Integrating Gender in Disaster Risk Management in SIDS

    This guide outlines the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific and the Caribbean and explains how gender roles and responsibilities result in differential exposure and impact of disasters.

  • Enhancing Security Sector Governance in the Pacific Region: A Strategic Framework

    The Pacific region has witnessed violent conflict, civil unrest and political crises. This has led to a growing recognition of the critical role of law enforcement agencies and security institutions. However, in recent years, there have been concerns that these institutions lack capacity to meet the challenge of providing security to the general public; that governments do not have the necessary civilian security expertise to manage them; that legislatures are not empowered to oversee them; and that security forces are not held accountable under the law for their actions. This publication is intended to support regional and national stakeholders to develop appropriate policies and programming

  • Urban Youth in the Pacific - Increasing Resilience and Reducing Risk for Involvement in Crime and Violence

    The report provides policy and programming options for Pacific governments and other stakeholders, including the United Nations, to prevent young people becoming involved in crime and violence, and to fulfill their potential as productive citizens.

  • Assessing the Relationship between Natural Hazards and Poverty – A Conceptual and Methodological Proposal

    This methodological proposal provides a selective overview of quantitative methods and tools that could be employed to assess the two-way relationship between poverty and natural hazards.

  • Making Schools Safer

    This manual aims to help trainers across the region extend safety with teachers and households in poor and disaster-prone areas. It would be most useful for school administrators and teachers in India and other countries in the South, particularly in earthquake prone countries.

Our Work on Crisis Prevention and Recovery

UNDP facilitates regional forums where critical policy concerns related to crisis prevention and recovery can be discussed and advocated. It also helps to connect and raise awareness among national and local level experts and officials about global policy commitments, and supports them in translating these into results on the ground.