Democratic Governance

  • Capacity Assessment Manual for National Human Rights Institutions

    This manual has been developed to describe a process of self-assessment assisted by external expert facilitators and to provide a step-by-step approach to identifying specific organizational challenges. The assessment methodology incorporates both qualitative and quantitative elements in assessing the current situation of the NHRI, identifying weaknesses, forecasting future capacity requirements and developing strategies to close the capacity gaps.

  • Youth and Democratic Citizenship in East and South-East Asia

    This study attempted to gauge the potentials of East and South-East Asian youth to become active stakeholders, through examining their sense of involvement and empowerment as democratic citizens, their assessments of institutions and quality of governance, and how they participate in politics, compared with older age groups at both the national and regional levels.

  • Strengthening the Governance of Social Protection: The Role of Local Government

    This regional analysis provides an overview of the current situation in the delivery of social protection programmes in seven countries in Asia. The findings will be useful for national and local governments to formulate and implement programmes that can address specific challenges related to the effective delivery of social protection at the local and national levels for the most vulnerable and marginalized.

  • Financing Local Responses to Climate Change

    This report aims to better understand the significance of local governance and decentralization in the delivery of climate finance, and to strengthen its coherence, responsiveness, and effectiveness. It presents a regional picture, supported by specific examples from several countries across the region, of the most relevant trends, challenges and opportunities in relation to financing localized responses to climate change.

  • Scaling-Up Access to Justice in India

    As a result of UNDP partnership with the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, justice delivery systems, more than 2 million people are more aware of their legal rights.

Our Work on Democratic Governance

We work to ensure people’s participation in decision-making processes and establishing accountable and responsive governing institutions; and help governments strengthen core institutions at all levels.