Democratic Governance

  • e-Note 8 - Fighting Corruption with e-Government Applications

    This e-Note looks at how e-government can help fight corruption; gives two well-known examples from the Republic of Korea and India where e-government has successfully helped to fight corruption; and discusses the challenges in designing and implementing similar programmes.

  • e-Note 7 - Open Technologies - Catalysts for transformation

    This e-Note explains the value of open ICT ecosystems and elaborates on their principles and building blocks in simple terms.

  • Breaking Barriers

    This publication includes a compilation of 14 case studies on the successful deployment of free and open source software (FOSS) in select projects from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

  • Empowering the Poor

    This publication systematically analyzes 18 projects in India that uses information and communications technology (ICT) for the benefit of poor people, and provides recommendations on how ICT can be applied to the massive, widespread and seemingly intractable problems of poverty.

  • Local Democracy in Asia: Representation in Decentralized Governance

    This background paper is part of a wider UNDP regional initiative that focuses on a number of core issue related to representative systems and local elections.

Our Work on Democratic Governance

We work to ensure people’s participation in decision-making processes and establishing accountable and responsive governing institutions; and help governments strengthen core institutions at all levels.