Democratic Governance

  • Institutional Arrangements to Combat Corruption - A Comparative Study

    The study provides a useful overview of different modalities used in different countries to combat corruption, and thus offers a menu of options and solutions.

  • Trends and Challenges in Public Administration Reform in Asia and the Pacific

    This report provides an overview of developments in public administration reform in most countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Programming for Justice: Access for All

    This comprehensive programming guide aims to help practitioners design rights-based access to justice projects.

  • Governance in the Least Developed Countries in Asia and Pacific

    The paper assesses the current state of governance in 14 Least Developed Countries (LCDs) in the Asia-Pacific region, analysing the specific political, economic and social challenges currently facing these LDCs.

  • Corruption in Pacific Island Countries

    Patterns of corruption are not uniform across the Pacific. The key difference in patterns across the Pacific is the corruption that accompanies the large-scale mineral and petroleum extraction industries that operate in Melanesia. The resource-poor countries of Micronesia and Polynesia are, almost by definition, without the problems of large-scale corruption that plague the mineral and petroleum extraction industries in Melanesia. Increasingly, however, fisheries are becoming a site for corruption, and this is a worrying development for the smaller countries of Polynesia and Micronesia.

Our Work on Democratic Governance

We work to ensure people’s participation in decision-making processes and establishing accountable and responsive governing institutions; and help governments strengthen core institutions at all levels.