Environment & Energy

  • Towards an 'Energy Plus' Approach for the Poor

    This library hosts a collection of reports and country case studies under the theme Towards an 'Energy Plus' Approach for the Poor.

  • Local Governance and Climate Change: A Discussion Note

    This Discussion Note tries to identify and articulate what has (or has not) been done by local governments in addressing climate change, and what can be done to improve outcomes from this interface.

  • Energy Costing Tool: User Guide

    The Energy Costing Tool lays out an exhaustive menu of energy technology options and their costs for a country in the context of its own socio-economic, geographic and resources baseline.

  • Financing Options of Renewable Energy: The Asia-Pacific Experience

    This report is part of a set of three policy studies which build extensively upon prior work undertaken for the Policy study on Regional Mapping of Options to Promote Private Investments in Alternative Energy Sources for the Poor.

  • Biodiversity Delivering Results

    The publication showcases the achievements and results from projects undertaken around the world by UNDP’s network of 132 country offices and its specialized environment team.

Our Work on Environment and Energy

We work to strengthen capacity, at the local, national and regional levels, to sustain economic growth and progress on human development while achieving environmental sustainability. We support countries to preserve and sustainably use natural assets for achieving sustainable development outcomes, prepare and implement climate resilient development strategies and shift to lower-carbon pathways.