Asia-Pacific Regional Centre Annual Report 2011

The APRC Annual Report 2011 showcases our impact over the year highlighting results in priority areas of work including: MDG acceleration and social protection; gender equality; climate change and crisis resilience. Finding effective approaches to these complex issues required thinking outside ofmore


Asia-Pacific Regional Centre Annual Report 2012

The APRC Annual Report 2012 highlights our work on achieving the MDG and advancing the post-2015 development agenda. It tells how we advocate gender equality and women’s political participation, and describes how we support countries in the region in addressing the challenges of climate change. more


Assessing RTAs in the Context of the Flying Geese Framework

This paper reviews assessments of regional trade agreements (RTAs), particularly within the context of Asia and the Pacific, and relates these to the broader objectives of regional cooperation directed at human development. more


Assessing gender responsive local capacity development in Indonesia

This study presents important research on the Indonesian experience of gender responsive capacity development at the local level.  It provides insight into the kinds of gender-responsive capacity development programmes that are being initiated in Indonesia, as well as an assessment of theirmore


Assessing the Relationship between Natural Hazards and Poverty – A Conceptual and Methodological Proposal

This is the methodological proposal for the first biennial Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) by the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). The 2009 GAR aims to analyse the relationship between natural hazards and poverty through quantitative and qualitativemore


Being LGBT in Asia: Cambodia Country Report

Being LGBT in Asia: Cambodia Country Report provides an overview of LGBT rights in Cambodia including prevailing laws and policies; social and cultural attitudes; religion; family affairs; education and schooling; work and employment; community and society; health including HIV; media includingmore


Being LGBT in Asia: China Country Report

'Being LGBT in Asia' is a regional analysis undertaken by UNDP and USAID together with grassroots LGBT organizations and community activists to understand the challenges faced by LGBT people in eight countries in Asia including China. The release of the China country report is the culmination ofmore


Being LGBT in Asia: Viet Nam Country Report

Being LGBT in Asia: the Viet Nam Country Report provides an overview of LGBT rights in Viet Nam including the effects of laws, policies, media coverage, culture, and social attitudes. The report is based on research, consultations, and the National LGBT Community Dialogues that were held in Hanoimore

Benchmarking National Legislation for Gender Equality

This publication aims to reveal de jure challenges and legal gaps that undermine women’s fundamental freedoms and rights. Based on case studies from Asia, it reviews the legal systems of Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam to assess the extent of their legislativemore


Biodiversity Delivering Results

The publication showcases the achievements and results from projects undertaken around the world by UNDP’s network of 132 country offices and its specialized environment team. The projects face different challenges and constraints but all work to achieve common objectives that are the attainment ofmore