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A sea change in conserving Malaysia's marine parks

Malaysia’s islands are renowned for their beauty and outstanding biodiversity. Turtles, sharks, rays and reef fish swim in their azure waters, and their sea grass beds harbour the gentle Dugong. The coral diversity here is globally significant, and divers come to marvel at the islands’ 221 species more


Afghan youth vote in historic elections

Despite rain and security challenges in many parts of the country, Afghans went to the polls on 5th April in Presidential and Provincial Council elections. The election marks the first time in Afghanistan’s history that power is handed from one democratically elected government to another. Youmore


Albay Province Piloting Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change in the Philippines

With the Philippines’ most active volcanoes, exposure to torrential rains and strong typhoons that affect livelihoods and settlements, strong weather changes, and frequent passages of tropical cyclones, Albay Province is facing significant challenges with regard to disaster risk reduction and climatmore


Bangladesh counters climate change while improving livelihoods

Many of the coastal communities in Bangladesh are reliant on subsistence agriculture and fishing for their livelihoods. Bangladesh is a country that has a relatively low carbon footprint, yet climate change is having a dramatic effect on the 150 million citizens. Increasing intensity and frequency omore


Bridging the Knowledge Gap Through Dialogue in Afghanistan

After three decades of war and destruction and continuing insecurity Afghanistan faces significant human and development challenges. The lack of skills to develop policies, or implement projects, and the lack of human capacity in terms of availability, knowledge and competence are serious issues in more


Budgeting to bring better lives for all

Government planning, programming and budgeting that recognize and respond to the different needs of women and men, girls and boys, bring better lives for all through the promotion of gender equality and justice. Malaysia, like several dozen countries in the world, began to embrace this concept of gemore


Capacity Development for a Safe Land to Use in Lao PDR Villages

15 years ago, villagers used to remove and bury the unexploded cluster bombs they found in their paddy field. Today, they do not need to put their lives at risk merely to grow the rice that will feed their families. Thanks to capacity development efforts, villagers now use a system to report and reqmore


Cash and Confidence for Women Market Vendors

Kamla and Seravina are part of a group of women market vendors in the small rural town of Rakiraki in Fiji who are now doing business differently. Kamla has started adding value to products for sale and increased her income. Seravina has used newly acquired financial management skills to provide hemore


Conserving traditional crop varieties with modern opportunities in Bhutan

Bhutan’s wealth of national crop diversity underpins the country’s food security.  It also provides genetic resources that may become beneficial and profitable for future use.  Much of this diversity is held in traditionally cultivated varieties of crops, such as buckwheat. However, in Bhumore


Flood recovery programme in Fiji targets women and brings results for everyone

Global statistics show that disasters often impoverish and impact disproportionately on the lives of women. In April 2012, after days of torrential rain and combined with the effects of Cyclone Daphne and an overflowing dam, the Western Division of the Fiji Islands was hit by sudden and severe floodmore

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